Who is Ed?

Ed Gillespie is more than just a stylist, he lives and breathes his passion for making people look in the mirror and say “oh…my…gosh! I love it!”

As early as Ed can remember, he pictures himself in the salon that his mother and his aunt owned in California. Hanging out at the salon, Ed developed his inherited love for everything hair and make-up. At Age 10 Ed voiced his desire to be stylist, but it wasn’t until high school that Ed began to book appointments for his services. His salon was everything but typical! “Step into my office” he would say as he opened the door to the girl’s bathroom at this high school in Denver, CO. Girls, and their parents, lined up to have Ed create masterpieces with their hair, until school officials caught him, but, all was not lost! Ed was told about a beauty school program, which he could complete at the same time he was to graduate high school.  That year Ed graduated high school on a Friday, and beauty school on that Saturday. The rest is history!

Ed found his salon home at Venus in Cherry Creek, CO, where he created for fifteen years. During that time he styled for corporations such as Maybelline, Garner Fructis, Motions and McDonalds. His work has been showcased in O Magazine and on the national television stations of Starz and the Discovery Channel. His celebrity clientele varies from Destiny’s Child to Eddie Murphy.

When asked what he would be doing if he wasn’t a stylist, Ed pauses for a long moment, and then says “I can’t even think about what I would do with my life if I couldn’t be a stylist.” His passion is what drives him to continue to create and transform people. He says “It’s like working on human Barbie dolls everyday. There is nothing I would rather do with my life!” Whether you book a personal appointment with Ed, book him on set or for your next corporate event, you aren’t just booking his talent, you are signing up for a true energetic, outgoing and spontaneous experience!

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